Biomedical Magnetic Resonance

From molecules to mice to men - Our research focuses on the development of novel methods in the area of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our group characterizes and validates imaging biomarkers. Interdisciplinarity is an essential characteristic of this area of research which combines the development of physical methods, the chemical characterization and synthesis of molecular sensors, as well as the investigation of biological and medical research questions.

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Quantitative Imaging Methods in Nuclear Medicine

Our mission:

  • Development, evaluation and validation of new non-invasive imaging and therapeutic techniques in the fields of SPECT, PET and hybrid imaging.
  • Introduction of these methods into preclinical and clinical practice
  • Education and training of scientists and clinical colleagues in quantitative imaging and therapy research

Imaging & Biomarkers in Oncology

Our goal is the development and clinical translation of molecular imaging and therapy (=theranostic) tools for improved tumor detection, intraoperative delineation and treatment. We target a growing number of tumor specific biomarkers, including extracellular targets, such as integrins, PSMA, SSTR2 and intracellular targets, e.g. the DNA repair enzyme PARP1. We are conjugating fluorescent labels, radioisotopes and pharmacologically active drugs to our tumor specific probes to carry out our highly interdisciplinary research at the intersection of biology, chemistry, medicine and engineering.

Dr. Andrea Melle (Drittmittelprojektkoordination)
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Thorsten Geerken (SFB 824)
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